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Research Facilities

DepartmentName of research Guides Area of interest
1) Biotechnology Dr. M. M. V. BaigMicrobial Genomics and Proteomics
2) Botany & Horticulture Dr. S. S. BodkePhytochemistry, fungal and Plant Diversity.
Dr. M. M. V. Baig Molecular Plant Pathology and Microbial Biology
3) Chemistry Dr. P.A. KulkarniChemistry inorganic, Organic;Analytical.
Dr. S.B. KesraleChemistry Inorganic
Dr. M.R. MaliPhysical Chemistry
Dr. Mrs. N. T. PatelPhysical Chemistry
Dr. M.A. BaseerOrganic Chemistry]
Dr. S.P. VartaleOrganic Chemistry
Dr. Mrs. S.N. kalyankarPhysical Chemistry
Dr. S.B. JanneOrganic Chemistry
Dr. V.N. BhosaleOrganic Chemistry
4)Commerce & Management Studies Dr.D.L.JamgeCommerce and management
Dr. N. B. Jadhav Commerce and management
Dr. S.G. KhawasCommerce and management
Dr. R.M.BiganiaCommerce and management
5) Computer Science Dr.N.V. KalyankarData Mining & Warehousing, Security, ANN.
6) Dairy Science Dr. A.S. hembadeDairy Nutrition, Dairy Microbiology
7) Economics Dr. P.E. Vibhute Indian Economy
8) Electronics --------
9) English Dr. A.R. TengseBritish Literature, Comparative Literature Linguistics, Indian Writing in English, Commonwealth Literature, English Language Teaching.
Dr. L.V. Padmarani Rao
10) Environmental Science ---------
11) Hindi Dr. V.C. ThakurNovels and short-Stories
12) History Dr.U.S. SawantAncient Indian History
Dr. S.S.ShindeModern History, Hyderabad Freedom Struggle
Dr.S.C. BokadeModern India
13) Marathi Dr. J.M. KadamRural literature
Dr. S.G. GhugeLoksahitya
Dr. S.N. VibhuteNovel
14) Mathematics & Statistics Dr. V.C. BorkarFunctional Analysis
15) Microbiology Dr. S.M. MoreExtremophiles
16) Physics Dr.N.V. KalyankarQuantum Physics
Dr. P.L. KadamMicrowaves studies
17) Political Science Dr. kavita SonkambleIndian Politics and Constitution
18) Urdu Dr. Syed Shujaut AliFiction and Mahjari Adab
19) Zoology Dr. R.P. Mali]Animal physiology, Toxicology
Dr. S.S. NanwareApplied Parasitology
Dr. H.L. TamlookarFishery Science
Dr. Mrs. M.S. KadamFishery Science
Dr. D.B. BhureApplied Parastology

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